Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Services

Full service oil change

Oil and filter change
Top off and check all fluids
Check tire psi
Vacuum 2 front floorboards, (if you have all trash and belongings picked up)
Reset oil light-if applicable

Transmission flush & OR filter

*flush 3 gal/12 quarts through the vehcles cooler lines, allowing the torque converters to get clean, this gets 98%of the old fluid replaced w new.*scroll down*
take down transmission pan, clean the pan and magnet, replace filter(s) and gasket(s) and fill back up w new fluid.
*this can be done on most SEALED transmission (if check/dip stick is not applicaple)
we have all Trans fluid applications:DEXII,III,IV,V,VI, merconV, SP,WS, Z, CVT, J,D, /////
Nissans, hondas, vw, audi, chev, dodge, ford, kia/handai, toyotas, the list goes on.

Coolant flush

Flush 4 gallons on coolant through your top coolant hose, this allows the new go down through the radiator, pushing the old to top and being disposed. Also we will clean the coolant reserve bottle (or known as over flow) and replace w new coolant.
We have universal coolant that is applicaple to most all.
Some of the new vehcles require a phosphate fee coolant. Which we have in stock.* some applications may have to be special ordered.
We also have "coolant additives" (new Ford diesels require additives, due to the coolant breaking down so fast)

Gas and diesel fuel filters

GAS-Every 20K mIles you need to consider replacing your gas/fuel filter. This will keep back-flow/stress off the fuel pump and also keep your injectors clean and performing at thier best. Also it's a good idea after replacing the filter, putting in high quality fuel additive and and running your vehicle harder and faster than normal. This allows the injectors to get clean and better pressure to "mist" fuel instead of "dumping/pouring" fuel into your intake valve. your spark plugs will ignite cleaner and evenly allowing your pistons to perform at thier best.
DIESEL- depending on how you drive and the quality of diesel your putting in, you want to change out the dielsel-fuel filters pretty regularly. Dielsel-fuel has oil in it, and everytime you start your vehicle it gets hot FAST which will create condensation-in the diesel-fuel. which then the diesel-fuel WILL seperate from the condensation creating "water in fuel" that will weaken your injectors and gum them up. Also it's good to put some.diesel additive, or top the new filter w transmission fluid. This lubricates the fuel system/injectors.

Cabin/AC filter change

Most people don't know these exist in their vehicle. It's common to find them on the passenger-side,behind the glove box. A lot of people spent most thier time in their vehicles and if you have allegies or age getting sick this is a replacement must. Other wise your literally breathing in mold and other airborne allegies. Some can be easy to install and other can be really hard. If you've never done it before and are afraid of breaking the glove box or other small blastic fittings than please don't do it.

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